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This is the Web site for the Harris County Water Control and Improvement District (WCID) #50, located in El Lago, Texas. On our Web site you will find links for paying your bill online, our current Board of Directors members, how to contact us, how to contact us if you have a water emergency and many other items.


District Bulletin Board

Hurricane Harvey Update (March 8, 2018) - Seagate Condominium Bulkhead Removal

This Posting is to clarify and supplement the information provided in the robo-call, text message, or correspondence you may have received from City of El Lago Mayor Mark Briggs on the morning of 02/28/2018 at about 10:40 AM and to the information provided in his undated official City letter that began arriving in homes on 03/07/2018. The District very much regrets your being subject to the divisive atmosphere engendered by such correspondence and would like you to know that it will continue to do its job and not make any claims that either magnify its accomplishments or detract from that of others. The District very much agrees with the Mayor when he stated in his undated letter, "In such a small town where we should be able to work together on these issues and put aside small town politics – this is a disappointment." Yes Mr. Mayor, indeed it is.

Hurricane Harvey & Storm Drain information.

Online Payments

Once in a while, a customer calls the office and states that, when attempting to make an on-line payment, he or she is not able open the link for either “Water/Sewer” payments or “Tax” payments.


We have questioned our on-line payment provider concerning this problem, and he recommended that District customers check their computers to see if “Pop-ups” are being suppressed, as that is usually the cause of the problem. This situation can be corrected by going to ‘’Internet Options” on the computer, and, under “Privacy”, click on the option to “Allow Pop-ups”.


We hope that this information will make your on-line payments easier to complete and thank you for using the on-line payment option.


Annual Drinking Water Report

The district's annual drinking water report is now available. You may download a copy here.