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This is the Web site for the Harris County Water Control and Improvement District (WCID) #50, located in El Lago, Texas. On our Web site you will find links for paying your bill online, our current Board of Directors members, how to contact us, how to contact us if you have a water emergency and many other items.


District Bulletin Board


Election Reminder - Even Years Only

Just a reminder from the staff of W.C.I.D. 50 - there is no election this year. The Board's elections are held in even years only.


Online Payments

Once in a while, a customer calls the office and states that, when attempting to make an on-line payment, he or she is not able open the link for either “Water/Sewer” payments or “Tax” payments.


We have questioned our on-line payment provider concerning this problem, and he recommended that District customers check their computers to see if “Pop-ups” are being suppressed, as that is usually the cause of the problem. This situation can be corrected by going to ‘’Internet Options” on the computer, and, under “Privacy”, click on the option to “Allow Pop-ups”.


We hope that this information will make your on-line payments easier to complete and thank you for using the on-line payment option.



AS OF JULY 20, 2016


To Our Customers:


Due to the extremely dry weather conditions in the area, Harris County W.C.I.D. No. 50 is requesting that our customers assist the District in conserving water by following the guidelines listed under Item 3.10.1 Mild Drought Conditions, which are found in the District Book of Rules and Regulations.


Click here to review.


Annual Drinking Water Report

The district's annual drinking water report is now available. You may download a copy here.