Hurricane Harvey Information

Hurricane Harvey Meteorological and Hydrological Data

Houston's Poor Planning And Breakneck Growth Played Big Roles In Flooding : NPR

Scientists In Houston Tell A Story Of Concrete, Rain And Destruction
How Houston's Layout May Have Made its Flooding Worse

Houston's Flood Is a Design Problem (The Atlantic)

Seagate Bulkhead Removal Information:

Demand Letter To Seagate HOA
District-TXDOT Correspondence
Detailed Timeline of the District’s Actions
Letter To TXDOT
Signed Temporary Restraining Order

Hurricane Harvey Update (March 8, 2018) - Seagate Condominium Bulkhead Removal

This Posting is to clarify and supplement the information provided in the robo-call, text message, or correspondence you may have received from City of El Lago Mayor Mark Briggs on the morning of 02/28/2018 at about 10:40 AM and to the information provided in his undated official City letter that began arriving in homes on 03/07/2018. The District very much regrets your being subject to the divisive atmosphere engendered by such correspondence and would like you to know that it will continue to do its job and not make any claims that either magnify its accomplishments or detract from that of others. The District very much agrees with the Mayor when he stated in his undated letter, "In such a small town where we should be able to work together on these issues and put aside small town politics – this is a disappointment." Yes Mr. Mayor, indeed it is.

Storm Drain Pipe Inspection:

The inspection of storm water drains is nearing completion as of February 26, 2018. Thus far no significant blockages (engineering assessment) have been found although there appears to be pieces of solidified concrete that was poured into the drain resting on the bottom of the pipe at ten dispersed locations. There is also one location with roots protruding through a joint and there is one location where the ceiling of the pipe has partially collapsed to the floor of the pipe. These areas will be cleaned and/or repaired as soon as possible.

NASA 1 La Quinta Culvert Inspection