Harris County W.C.I.D. #50

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What You Should Know

Easement Information for Property Owners / Lessees

Your Water / Sewer District W.C.I.D. No. 50 has easements on your property which contain water lines, storm drains, fire hydrants and sanitary sewer lines. When problems arise, W.C.I.D. No. 50's personnel will have to inspect and repair these lines. On occasion, this means bringing in equipment and digging up property to make the necessary repairs.

Below are the policies of W.C.I.D. No. 50:

  1. Repairs made in the utility easement will be brought back to grade with bank sand. All damages made to property off the easement will be brought back as close to previous conditions as possible.
  3. The District will notify homeowners of repairs scheduled, so the homeowner can remove all plants or trees on the easement. The homeowner can transplant at his / her own risk when the work is completed.
  5. No structure should be built on or over any utility easement. This includes, but is not limited, to the following items: Slabs, pools, decks, foundations, pool aprons, walls and roof overhangs. Caution should be used in planting expensive shrubs and trees over easements, as it may be necessary to remove them if the District has to dig in the easement to repair lines. This also applies to sprinkler systems.
  7. If fences are on the easements, the District will notify the owner so that he / she can remove same, or the district will remove them as carefully as possible and replace the original fences (posts and boards). The District will not assume any damage that may occur from removing old fences
  9. A permit from W.C.I.D. No. 50 must be issued for any home addition, sewer line or water line work outside the original slab. The cost for this permit is $25.00, and the permit is issued at the District office at 1122 Cedar Lane.

District Policy and Rates for Water and Sewer Service

The policies and rates for water, sewer and/or waste disposal service for consumers within the District  are detailed in this document.


Click to download PUBLIC NOTICE FEMA 4332-DR-TX

Water Rates

Water Rates in W.C.I.D. No. 50 are dependent on what stage the District is in.

Regular Rate:

Less than 1000 gallons  - $10.10

3,000 to 6,000 gallons - $3.00 per thousand gallons

6,000 to 9,000 gallons - $3.50 per thousand gallons

9,000 to 12,000 gallons - $4.00 per thousand gallons

12,000 to 15,000 gallons - $4.25 per thousand gallons

15,000 to 20,000 gallons - $4.50 per thousand gallons

20,000 to 30,000 gallons - $4.75 per thousand gallons

30,000 to 40,000 gallons - $5.00 per thousand gallons

40,000 to 50,000 gallons - $6.00 per thousand gallons

More than 50,000 gallons - $7.00 per thousand gallons

NOTE: Regular water Rates will be increased by usage based on what stage the District is in.

Deposit Required: Non-Owner: $300.00; Owners: $200.00; homeowner's now need  to submit proof of purchase.

Additional fees and information are detailed in this Rate Order Summary.

Drought Contingency Plans

Recent weather patterns have resulted in moderate to severe drought conditions occurring in the area serviced by the District as well as in the areas from which the District receives its fresh water supply.  As a result, the District adopted and implemented contingency plans to deal with these conditions. These contingency plans can be read here.   

Call Before You Dig - It's Now The Law

When planning to dig gardens, build fences, plant trees or undertake major construction projects involving excavation or digging, first call the water district office to learn where water and sewer lines are located. Also, new legislation in Texas now requires that homeowners and contractors provide two (2) working days notice to centralized notification center. The notification center will alert participating utility companies - such as electric, gas, cable and phone companies - about the planned digging so they can mark the approximate location of their underground lines if necessary.

Safe digging practices reduce the interruption of vital services, protect property and save lives, so before digging contact either:

Centralized Notification Center at 713-223-4567 or 800-669-8344; or

Harris County W.C.I.D. No. 50 at 281-326-5573

Tax Information

2017  (Maintenance: .20500/$100 Debt Service: .11700/$100 ) Tax Rate Total- .32200/$100

2017  (Maintenance .20800/$100 Debt Service: .11700/$100) Tax Rate Total- .32200/$100

2016 Tax Rate: (Maintenance only) - .32500/$100

2015 Tax Rate: (Maintenance only) - .33500/$100

2014 Tax Rate: (Maintenance only) - .21290/$100

2013 Tax Rate: (Maintenance only) - .19740/$100

2012 Tax Rate: (Maintenance only) - .182879/$100

2011 Tax Rate: (Maintenance only) - .18280 / $100

2010 Tax Rate: (Maintenance only) - .182890 / $100

2009 Tax Rate: (Maintenance only) - .1840 / $100

2008 Tax Rate: (Maintenance only) - .18450 / $100

2007 Tax Rate: (Maintenance only) - .1850 / $100

2006 Tax Rate: (Maintenance only) - .1870 / $100

Consumption Report

District Projects


  • Replacement of Ground Storage Tank No. 2
  • Flow testing and painting of fire hydrants
  • Approximately 650 meters replaced under the meter maintenance program


  • Inaccurate water meters are being replaced
  • Working to implement the required Storm Water Management Program that will preserve, protect and improve the nation's water resources from polluted storm water runoff
  • Working with Harris County Precinct No. 2 and City of Seabrook to address drainage concerns along District boundaries


  • Ongoing sewer rehabilitation Project
  • Purchase standby generator for the Sewer Plant
  • Refurbish 2 water storage tanks
  • Install drainage lines to connect to Seabrook Island drainage system in order to correct flooding problems on Raintree Circle
  • Repair or replace leaking storm drain inlet boxes
  • Invite the public to participate in the development and then to implement the Storm Water Management Program.

Storm Water Quality Information

Below are links to helpful articles and useful tips to improve storm water quality such as litter control and the proper use and disposal of pesticides, fertilizer, used oil and household hazardous waste.

Reduce Roadside Litter:


Safe Disposal of Pesticides:


Safe Disposal of Used Oil:


Safe Disposal of Household Hazardous Waste:


Water Quality Reports

Below is a link to the 2018 water quality report for drinking water which meets the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) requirements for "Consumer Confidence Reports" and contains information on the source of your water, its constituents and the health risks associated with any contaminants. This report is typically published June of the following year in which it was conducted. Part of this information is being provided to you from Harris County W.C.I.D. No. 50 laboratory results, which we routinely take to ensure your drinking water is safe and will always be of the highest standards possible. Please take a moment to read this report carefully or print it for later review. If you have any questions, difficulty understanding the report or would like assistance to translate it into Spanish, please call the District office at 281-326-5573.

2018 Water Quality Report

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