Pay Your Bill Online

Do you want to pay your latest water bill, service deposit or tax bill online? You have come to the right place. Use the information below to pay the appropriate bill using your credit card or checking account:

To Pay Your Water Bill / Service Deposit by Credit Card...

To pay your water bill, tax bill, or service deposit using a credit card, click on this link and follow the directions.

To Pay Your Water Bill / Service Deposit by E-Check...

For a $1.00 processing fee (less than a cost of a stamp!), your Water Bill / Service Deposit can be paid online using your checking or savings account. Do not add the fee to your payment; it will be deducted automatically.

To pay by e-check online, you must know your WCID No. 50 account number and your bank account and routing numbers. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for processing.

The account number on your Water Bill is located on the top right line of the bill and should look like the following:

1-01-xxxxx-xx (Example: 1-01-12690-00)

Once you have located the proper WCID 50 account number and have the bank account information ready, click on the link below to go to a secure site to enter your information (works best with Internet Explorer)...


To Pay Your Tax Bill...

WCID 50 has contracted with the Harris County Tax Office to collect property taxes on behalf of the District. The Harris County Tax Office accepts payments online at, by the U.S. Mail, by telephone (digital / touch tone) at (713) 368-2273, and in person at its main office or any one of its 14 branch locations. Those paying online or by telephone can use any combination of credit cards, debit cards and/or e-checks. The credit/debit cards accepted are American Express, Discover, Master Card, and Visa. Assistance is available through the Harris County Tax Office call center at (713) 368-2000.

The mailing address for Tax Payments is:

Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector (Mr. Don Sumners)
P.O. Box 3547
Houston, Texas 77253-3547

The nearest branch office to WCID 50 is at 16603 Buccaneer Lane, Houston, Texas 77062. Branch offices also host automated kiosks that customers can use to pay their tax bills via credit or debit card as well. Credit card and Master Card transactions incur a surcharge of 2.15% percent per transaction. Visa debit card transactions incur a flat fee of $3.95 per transaction. There are no transaction fees or charges for e-checks.

Do You Want to Pay Your Water Bill Automatically Each Month?

If you want to pay your water bill automatically each month via your checking account or credit card, click the appropriate link below, download and fill out the form provided, and deliver the completed form to the District Office:



Having Problems Attempting to make your Online Payments?

Once in a while, a customer calls the office and states that, when attempting to make an online payment, he or she is not able open the link for either “Water/Sewer” payments or “Tax” payments.

We have questioned our online payment provider concerning this problem, and he recommended that District customers check their computers to see if “Pop-ups” are being suppressed, as that is usually the cause of the problem. This situation can be corrected by going to ‘’Internet Options” on the computer, and, under “Privacy”, click on the option to “Allow Pop-ups”.

We hope that this information will make your online payments easier to complete and thank you for using the online payment option.